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Hi! I’m Carolyn but most people call me CeCe. I’m a firm believer that there's no such thing as coincidence. If you've landed here, it’s a sign—you’re exactly where you need to be. You’re on your path to self-care, which in my opinion is a spiritual journey. It can be a rocky journey but if you stay the course, you’ll reach your goal of finding your purpose, so hang in there! Notice the smile in my photo? It hasn't always been there. It’s a badge of honor, achieved through a journey I call my ‘Lord-have-mercy’ life experiences. That authentic smile demonstrates transforming life’s struggles into steppingstones and emerging as a survivor warrior Queen.

What I’ve learned is that if you’re not happy, it’s very likely because you’ve been nurturing people and things in your life . What is needed is self-appreciation. Learn how to practice self-care by establishing boundaries. Learn to say no effortlessly and mean it. No is a complete sentence! (I need you to let that sink in). And—you must learn to sit with yourself and realize that doesn’t mean you are or are going to be lonely. What it means is you’re learning who you are and what works for your best interests. Toxic people and things must be canceled in an authentic journey to having a holistic wellmind. That is what I want to help you do. Let's journey together.

This website will be an ongoing work in progress. I feel led by my ancestors to connect with anyone who has been led here—you are welcome; but be aware, a lot of content will focus on women’s self-love, selfcare, growth, and empowerment. Also, a focus on African American diaspora spirituality, folk traditions, beliefs, and practices.

I’ll address selfcare, past lives, dream symbolism and interpretations, Tarot Readings, a practice I’ve embraced since 1971, meditation, stress/time management, mindfulness, animism, folk traditions, and practices (e.g., how to set up your altars), ancestor worship, and of course, the Orishas.

If you’re of the mindset any or all of this is dark arts, or have other negative misconceptions which colonization is responsible for, you’ll probably need to go in peace and log out now, although you are welcome. I don’t tell anyone what or how they should believe and don’t allow anyone to judge me. This goes in the “No is a complete sentence category” I mentioned earlier. This website is not a platform for religion debating and all negative or judgmental comments will be blocked. This is a place of peace, not discord.

There are several “coming soon” projects and eBooks in the works so I hope you’ll subscribe by leaving your email address.

Okay. So, here we are! If you know me personally, you know I’m a straightforward person who will guide you toward finding your way to happiness and purpose the Universe intended you to live to the best of my abilities. Your responsibility will be dedicating your mind, heart, body, and soul wholeheartedly to becoming your authentic self. It won't always be easy or fun, but I promise you it will be worth it!

I hope you’ll check in regularly for updates. I’ll respond to comments as promptly as possible. Thank you for coming! I'm so glad you're here!

Carolyn C. Foster, MA; Certified 120hr Adv. ESL Instructor; Spiritual Advisor

a colorful sand - covered glass vase with a rainbow - colored sand
a colorful sand - covered glass vase with a rainbow - colored sand
a woman in a green shirt and a white shirt
a woman in a green shirt and a white shirt