Mindfulness Meditation

Prompt: Write about what  the universe, your thoughts about what spirituality, or your belief system means-yours, others, or the world. Journal or write free-style.

Here's an example of prose, journaling, stream of consciousness writing using the above prompt.

(writing, expressing,  feeling, encouraging action). You can give your writing a title if you want to. I recommend dating your writing.

When you return to what you've written at a later date, make note of your progress toward better selfcare, awareness, and self-love. If you haven't made any progress, you still have work to do; and that's okay too, Get to it!

I often wonder when I hear people say, the universe will take care of you what that means.

I mean, what does that really mean. I try to picture in my mind, what does the universe look like—what does that look like? It puts me in the mind of a mother sitting holding her baby as it suckles from her breast—the baby being in ultimate bliss without a care in the world—being nourished with flowing liquid which comes naturally from its growth and birth in a body it formed in; first inside, then out.

Is that what the universe looks like? Is that what the universe is? At some point in time, I plan to have a sit down with this thing we call “the universe” because I have questions—a lot of questions.

And I think that meeting will happen. And this is how it will go.

It will be a meeting of the universe and I talking—me asking it, and it telling me.

I believe I’ll be a fog-like resemblance of my present self-sitting comfortably in a room made of clouds; with one arm out-stretched over the back of a cushy chair across from this “universe thing” that sits and speaks without moving lips, shift-shaping from a seed, to a tree with leaves and branches that all grow together in various forms; androgenous—yet, female and male, sometimes looking like my favorite outfit, or the first time I got roses for my 14th Valentine’s Day, captured in a polaroid picture lost in time.

How exciting it will be when I ask “it” questions about everything the earth plane embodies, and it answers causing me to sit in awe at its responses.

How curious it will be when I ask “the universe” the main question I should have started with, that is:

“But, oh great universe, tell me, what is your name? What should humans call you?”

And the universe says, “Call me, 'YOU'.”

a meditative woman in a green dress with a necklace and a necklace
a meditative woman in a green dress with a necklace and a necklace

Writing for wellness can lower blood pressure, and reduce stress.

Getting your racing thoughts out of your head and into written form is an excellent way of learning to sit with yourself and process how you're feeling. Give yourself some self-love, calmly and peacefully. When you're in the midst of toxicity and chaos you need to tune out for your spiritual self care.


Take a few minutes to focus on the picture. Breathe. Journal. Meditate on it.

What does the picture say to you? Does it relate to your life or mood in any way? Brown & tan colors are earth tones. They elicit the relazation response. They help you with relaxation and calming your thoughts. Is that tension headache gone. Breathe.

a man and woman sitting on a bench in a earth-tone colored room
a man and woman sitting on a bench in a earth-tone colored room


Take some time to sit with yourself. Get into a comfortable position. Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. Listen to and feel your breath. Tell your body to relax.

Take a few minutes to look deeply at the drawing.

What does this picture say to you? Do you know this person?

Is it gender-neutral; gender specific; otherworldly; old; young?

Is this an angel, a spirit guide? Is this you now, or from a past life?

What does this picture say about your mental health? And, if those thoughts aren't pleasant, think about what you can do to change the bad thoughts? Wait to hear your inner thoughts to give you the solution(s). (Note: this may take a few sessions to accomplish. Be patient. Be gentle with yourself. The answer(s) will come I promise).

CONGRATULATIONS! You just successfully meditated mindfully using pictures and artwork as visualization tools. How do you feel?

a woman with a blue face meditating with guided imagery visualization
a woman with a blue face meditating with guided imagery visualization