Dream Interpretations

Interpret Nightly Journeys: Colors, hues, pets dreams.


Carolyn Foster, MA; Certificate 120hr. Adv. ESL Instr.


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A good night's sleep and a dream journal kept by your bed or recorded on your phone can help with remembering your dreams. Recording your dreams before you get out of bed is best. A lot of times, waking up and jumping out of bed can cause your mind to make an instant automatic switch from sleep time-to-start-my-day causing you to forget what you dreamed.

If you think you only have one dream a night, you’re wrong. It’s more likely you only remember one of your dreams; or intertwined parts from one or more of your nightly dreams (That’s can often be when we can’t make sense of what we remember from our dream(s). We can have three to four dreams per night. Dreams occur throughout our entire nightly sleep cycle in stages constantly.

A Little About Colors, Animals, Food

If you dream in color some of the more common color meanings are brown symbolizing money coming your way, yellow: delays; green: vibrance basically but depends on the shade you've dreamed.

Friendly dogs are good; growling dogs can mean warnings along with other more detailed meanings. Spiders (eww & yikes in my opinion) in your dreams mean good luck (lucky number 8—Spiders have eight legs, a number for success); but can also be related to relationships or sexuality.

What about dreaming of having a steak and potatoes meal—a Midwest favorite for meat-eaters. Both steak and/or potatoes separately or together symbolize good luck, abundance, and success, particularly in business ventures. If you lean toward veggies rather than meat like I do, dreaming of fresh vegetables is always good, but if they are wilted or rotten the opposite is the case; depending on what else is in the dream.

Remember Your Dreams Using a Glass of Water

I've had die-hard clients who have insisted they have never remembered their dreams. The remedy for that helped them and will work for you too. Here's the tried-and-true way to remember your dreams using a clear quartz crystal and a glass of water. Place a cleansed clear quartz crystal in a glass of water. Place it on your headboard or on the floor next to the head of your bed. The longest time clients have told me it took for them to start remembering their dreams has been three weeks (that individual was extremely busy and stressed, and quite tense naturally, which can also factor into remembering dreams). Generally, clients have told me they began recalling their dreams in 3-7 days.

You’ll need to change the water every three to seven days. Why, you ask? Because sediment from the crystal naturally forms causing the water to be cloudy. Simply change the water, rinse the crystal off. Place it back in the glass of water and put it back near your head—on your headboard, or on the floor on the side of the bed you sleep on most.

Dreams are Endless, Magical, and Mind-blowing

This is just the beginning. There’s so much to explore involving dream interpretations. The length and space of a blogpost won’t allow me to cover all the astonishing and phenomenal symbolism found in our dreams. No matter what I write here, I promise you’ll have more questions. My eBook is coming soon, I promise. I’m just trying to figure out how to condense it. I want to keep it reasonably priced also. So, do me a favor and leave in the comments section what you’re most interested in about dream interpretations. Please be brief. I’ll respond as promptly as humanly possible. I’m seriously considering a series, for example, dreams and colors, lucid dreams, bad dreams and nightmares, recurring dreams? What’s your pleasure. Let me know and thank you so much! Sweet dreams!

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